Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cypress Island

Now this place is just a treat!  After the excitement of the morning, we decided that if Cypress would work we'd just stop there.  Our cruising guide listed Eagle Harbor as an anchorage, but we were surprised to see a great spread of free, well-maintained mooring buoys!  What luck given the state of our windlass!  This place is just gorgeous and peaceful.  The mist rising from the trees, the bald eagles overhead...paradise.

While the kids napped we got the kayaks down and both Frank and I enjoyed a little solo paddle around the harbor.  Then we took the munchkins for a paddle and a nice trail walk between two beaches.  Katreina really took to running in the woods, and the kids loved checking out all the massive slugs along the trail!  We had such a good time that after returning to the boat for dinner, we headed back out for more kayaking, and looking at starfish and jellyfish.

I really like this's been a very relaxing night for the big kids, too.  :)  But due to the timing of the tides, we're planning on heading out tomorrow morning to get through the pass.  Totally fun day!

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