Sunday, April 25, 2010

News from home

Last night I got to talk to the family again.  Everyone was excited to tell me about "new plates and cups!"  Apparently Trent's cup (yes cup, he has one and we wash it at every meal--limited cabinet space) broke so the family went shopping!  Princess and Cars dinnerware and coloring books were all the kids could talk about.  It was so cute!  Then Katreina was talking to me and said, "Mommy, tell them to bring the ship back."  Of course I told her I would try, but then she said, "no Mommy, now!"  I love her determination!  That sent me into a fit of sobbing, so I had to get Frank to end the call.  I feel like I tell them I'm coming back all the time and I wonder how long it will take until they give up on me.  Kills me.

Today I was happy to get a note that Trent said, "kisses and hugs, coffee?"  He and Katreina love to help make coffee with the Keurig and I loved that he thought of me so far away!  I got word that they were all headed out fishing today.  Hope they had fun and caught something!

Sundays are special on board...brunch and a surf and turf dinner.  Yes, the world revolves around meals here.  And I am quite excited to go grab some ribeye and scallops!  :P

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