Monday, April 19, 2010

Haze grey and underway!

Taking a moment during a drill here to give you all a glimpse into my life aboard.  A typical day is:
0200 Wake up
0300-0700 Watch
0700 METOC watch turnover (I like to stop by there)
0715 Breakfast
0800-0845-ish Admiral's Brief
0930-1000 Future Ops Meeting
1100-1300 Lunch (sometime in there)
1400-1500 or 1530 Planning Group Meeting
1500 Workout
1600 Dinner
1900 METOC watch turnover
19?? BED! (Usually NOT because of drills and general noise about the ship until 2200)
0100 Workout if I didn't get to go earlier...

In all the "white space" in this schedule I get to do training, be part of ship's drills, listen to all the alarms for ship's drills, work "emergencies," do more planning, etc.  Every day is a little different and getting settled into this routine is just about killing me.  But....

Frank likely has a schedule something like this (M-F):
0500 Dad wakes up
0530 Kids wake up
0600 Waiting outside to get into daycare
0615 On the bus (this would be a VERY good day!)
0635 More than likely getting on the bus
0745 Worky work
1545 Depart work to walk to the train/bus
1610-ish Get on train/bus
1720 Arrive Everett
1730 Arrive at CDC to pick up kids
1745 Finally leave CDC with kids (they seriously take FOREVER some days!)
1800 Home sweet home
1830 Dinner
1900 Baths
1930 Stories, potty breaks, etc.
2000 With any luck there is silence throughout the house
2030 Awesome Dad is sending Mommy pictures and a note about how exciting the day was or maybe cleaning up the dishes, or putting a little girl back to bed...

This is certainly tough for all of us, but we have a routine.  I might be off a little on Frank's times, but it's an idea.  Thankfully his job allows him to telecommute sometimes so he can let the kids get a little more sleep and he can catch up a bit. 

Ok, my eyelids are closing but I have to go to training!

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