Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend in Manzanita Bay

After spending way too long tied to the pier, we escaped for a short weekend! We're still getting used to the new slip and had to jockey lines around a bit just to get the dinghy docked before we set off. We set off under a beautiful clear sky and a great 45F. I drove a little more than usual as we made our way out of Possession Sound, then we were able to sail for a few hours. It was really an awesome day.
Katreina checking out the scene on deck.
We checked out Treasure Island, but it seems all the anchorages have given way to mooring balls, so we moved on through Agate Pass with me at the helm! Manzanita Bay at Bainbridge Island was a little more open and we found a nice anchorage. It's a little bay with lots of gorgeous houses, private docks, a nice view of Agate Pass, and still quite a few mooring balls. It was a beautiful afternoon so we cracked open some beers and fired up the grill for steaks. It was a nice night for reading books and going to bed early!

We're heading home now under another cloudless sky. Winds are pretty light and variable, so I'm not sure that we'll get to sail, but it's still nice. WOW! We just experienced our first log encounter! Heard a massive thump along the port side and it was only about 4 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. Crazy!

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