Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Um, not sure what to call this babble!

We totally miss Frank this week as he's away at a class, but we're having a pretty good time. Despite some problems getting the kids to sleep, I'm surviving. Work has been pretty busy and I feel a little like our lives are becoming an endless calendar discussion. When am I leaving? When is Frank traveling? When is that birthday party? Can we go to the wardroom function? Oh my gosh we need to plan a birthday party! Can we have guests that week? Will I make it to Fawn's wedding in time? When can we get underway for the whole weekend? Are we doing enough stuff with the kids???????? It's enough to drive me crazy!

I enjoyed reading about Abby Sunderland's departure on her solo-youngest-circumnavigation attempt. I don't think I could let my 16 year old girl out in that big 'ole ocean all alone, but I wish Abby, and Jessica Watson who is also out there attempting the same feat, the best. I was so touched to see that her brother Zac, who had held the record briefly last year, was by his sister's side as she prepared and even sailed alongside her in his own boat as she got underway. I hope Katreina and Trent are that close and supportive of one another when they get older.

Frank has done a ton of maintenance in the past few weeks and I don't even know what he did! Hopefully he'll shed some light on that... (hint, hint, babe!)

This weekend we're heading to the Seattle Boat Show--dangerous!!!!!


  1. I wonder when life stops being a calendar discussion, and when you stop worrying if you're doing enough/had done enough with your kids. I have the SAME stuff here, every day!

  2. Yea, I figured that how most households are! I hit my breaking point trying to make my work trips mesh with Fawn's retirement/wedding last week. I'm calmer now! :) Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!