Sunday, January 3, 2010

"MAN OVERBOARD, OFF THE STERN!" a.k.a. "That'll learn him!"

It was bound to happen sometime. After 8 months of putting life jackets on the kids every time we come or go, the reasoning was proven. Trent and Frank were at Harbor Marine for some "man shopping" and upon their return, Trent ran ahead of Frank on the pier. At the boat, he turned and looked at Frank, Frank told him to hold up, and he completely disregarded him and stepped for the stern. Funny thing? He made it! But standing on one foot he sort of fell backward/slid down into the water between the boat and the pier. While most people might panic, Frank got to him and plucked him out--his life jacket had him head-up, right there. We got him inside, stripped off his cold, wet clothes, checked him for bumps (I wanted to make sure he didn't knock his noggin on the pier/boat/light post nearby), and got him in some snuggly sweats. It's been all of 5 minutes and he's just fine, snacking and playing with his sis.

Frank believes this will help him listen next's yet to be seen. Still love living on the boat!

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  1. Glad to hear Trent's ok. Wish I had Frank's composure in harrowing situations!