Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goodbye, ice!

After a few days of 40F+ temps and some steady rain, the ice is all but gone. The fishing boats have made it out of their slips and our pump-out guy made it to us. I actually learned of the pump-out's presence as I was completely suds up in the shower, under a hatch that lies ~6 inches from where the forward holding tank gets pumped when I felt his boat lie to against ours. YIKES!!!! I slid the shade shut fast, hopefully in time! Ah, the excitement of living on a boat!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Break-in :(

On the way back from Leavenworth yesterday we decided to check on our cabin in Index. Good thing we did. For the first time since I acquired the property in 2002, our cabin was broken in to. Frank first noticed a broken step on his way up the walk, then turned the door knob and it was open. The jamb was busted and pretty quickly he noticed the stove was missing!

Busted door jamb.

Where's the stove???

Further investigation found that the stove, propane bottle, a comforter, a sleeping bag, and towels were missing from the main cabin. While cabinet had been searched, no furniture was damaged. The pots and pans had even been removed from the stove and left behind! Oh, 2 little hooks from the back of a quilt my mom had made were missing, too. That might be the strangest thing!
The shed out back had been broken into, too, and axes were missing. The table saw, mower, and tools were all still there. We called the police and headed west to try to find some stuff to reinforce the doors with.
In the end, the thief(s) only took stuff that was survivalistic in nature. We are torn between feeling sorry for them and being vengeful. The damage to our cabin could have been much worse and in no way was anyone in our family hurt. It was a big inconvenience to our plans for the day and our door is a bit of an eyesore now.
We've removed the antique Two Grey Hills rug and my mom's quilt. In the spring, we'll have to do real repairs (including some electrical work that was already on the list) and will likely put it up for sale. We were already heading that way before the break-in. Now we just have more work to do.

To Leavenworth we go!

Since the boat is locked in ice, we decided to head to Leavenworth, WA for the holiday lighting festival after somehow scoring a room there on short notice. It was a VERY cold weekend! Our room at the Alpine River Inn was cozy though, so after naps we headed into town. Cold, cold, cold, but it was great to see so many people out enjoying the season. We dined at the Renaissance Cafe and emerged after sundown to the joy of lights!

Front St., Leavenworth

K checking out the lights from Daddy's shoulders.

Trent and Dad taking in Front St.
We walked the streets for a bit then hit our favorite little bookstore there. Everyone scored new books except Mom! From there we watched kids sledding down the hill in the park and geared up to watch a school band perform, but suddenly the kids were a mess of tears! We tried hot chocolate to warm them up, but it didn't work. We threw in the towel and tried to hustle back to the hotel. The kids were painfully cold. It was about 15F outside and their little fleece gloves weren't cutting it. We got back, warmed up reading books, and finally had them warm enough to get them into the tub. I felt so bad for them. Thank goodness the next day they reported that they'd had fun!
Left Leavenworth after a morning geocache and got to see flurries through the pass...a pretty decent little trip!