Friday, April 17, 2009


We had our first casualty today so now all the nay-sayers can say, "I knew it was dangerous!" Yep, that's right--we lost a shoe off the ramp to the dock. Anyone who's ever eaten with Trent knows he can't keep his shoes on through a whole meal. So Frank was carrying him and he kicked it off as we were going up the ramp (low tide, of course). Frank did an impressive jump-over-fence-scramble-down-rip-rap rescue of the shoe and we were back on our way to a dinner of fish tacos at Taco del Mar. Hah hah!

Today was a full day of moving, getting stuff into storage, getting kids set for daycare, getting this nifty air card for the computer, and doing laundry. Just a few more "details" and we'll be able to get underway!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're here!

Arrived today after lunch and were quite thrilled to see the boat was still afloat after over 2 months! So far the only system not working is the heat, but we have a back up there. Moved about 4 carts of stuff on today and managed to get the kids to sleep--I'd say that's a good day! Oh, Trent ended up with a huge scrape on his face and it had NOTHING to do with being on the boat! The kid tripped in the parking lot on the way to dinner and has a big 'ole knot over his left eye and a bloodied left cheek. Kids...


5 days of driving, lots of miles, some pretty cool geocaches, and one poop-tastrophy have led us to this--we're in Washington! Trent must be pretty excited as he was up at 6 a.m. this morning. Less than 300 miles to go and we'll be at the boat! I think I'm going to enjoy plenty of this yummy PacNorWest coffee today so I'll be all set to unpack the cars. I can't believe how well the trip went, really. Ok, time to pack up and hit the road!!!!