Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Adventure

So what if "adventure" = "lazy weekend amongst 30kt winds"???

We got underway Friday night with our eyes on Hope Island as a final destination in hopes of some luck on this last crabbing weekend of the season. Small craft advisories were in the forecast for almost the entire weekend, but we figured we'd give it a shot. With strong winds from the south on Friday night, we headed to Penn Cove for anchorage right off Coupeville. We dropped the crab pot nearby and came in after dark which afforded a bit of excitement considering we "found" a few boats anchored without lights on. Set the hook easily and rode out a rather exciting gusty night there!

Saturday we got underway thinking we could make it up to Hope Island. First things first though--we had to retrieve the crab pot in 20+ kt winds. Took 2 tries, but we got it--empty. By then we realized the wind was going to kick out butts. Not impossible, but not fun when you have two little kids onboard. We headed back to our anchorage, or rather next to our anchorage as someone had slipped in while we were out. Still a good spot and 20kts sure will help you set the hook!

By the afternoon the winds had died down enough for us to venture into town. We walked the small downtown and found a few things to do...

Trent and Katreina walk the main street.

Ice cream!!! Yummy shop right by the marina.

The Coupeville Public Dock.

The kids play ball by the museum.

We stumbled upon a cute little park at the end of a trail along the bluff.

On our way home after a fun Saturday afternoon. That's Lehe Paine to the right of Katreina.

The forecast for Sunday was looking pretty rainy and windy, too, with some troughs passing through the area so we decided we'd just stay put at our nice anchorage. Saturday night and Sunday morning were both pretty rough with some good showers here and there. We never saw gusts over 33kts, though. We had a lazy Sunday morning of pancakes, movies, toys...Daddy got to fish. The skies cleared a bit and we rode into town for lunch at Kim's Cafe on the public pier--good Pho and Thai! We also decided to sample the coffee at Local Grown--yummy! Then it was back home for nap time. Of course by now the wind had picked up and I got absolutely drenched on the ride back. Trent did, too, but he looked like he was having a blast!

Katreina crashed out for the better part of Sunday afternoon.

I swear the kids are going through growth spurts as they've been sleeping in all weekend and taking ridiculously long naps. Once we finally got everyone awake we went back to town to try to burn some energy. We hit the park for a while then decided to just stay there for dinner (I'm starting to think the family doesn't really like my cooking!). After considering a few good looking options in town, we headed back to Kim's as it was the most kid-friendly place we saw. Sunday night was very peaceful...

Today I sent Frank in to the pier to grab lattes before getting underway. That was pure genius! Way better than instant or percolator coffee! Now we're at the fishing grounds south of Everett in hopes of bringing home a few fresh salmon.

Somewhat lazy, somewhat exciting, perfect long weekend with my family!

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