Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holy crab!

Ok, we have officially bounced back from Thursday's tragedy. After replacing all of our gear, Friday night we anchored in Elgar Bay and dropped the pot near the boat. We used the kayak to fetch the line and pulled the pot up deck. Good stuff here, got keepers to round out our quota.

Last night we shifted anchorage to Honeymoon Bay and Frank used the kayak to actually drop the pot in some deeper water, then pulled the pot onto the kayak and paddled it back to the boat. These crab were MASSIVE compared to the ones from the previous night. Beautiful, large male keepers! The only real bummer was snagging a jellyfish on the first drop and getting a few stings from the tentacles that were smeared all over the pot, but boy was it worth it! The grand total from 2 days was 9 crab and I had the pot of water boiling nonstop for hours to cook 'em all, two at a time.

Big fella!

Our Captain and lead fisherman!

Tonight is all about picking crab! We've had yummy crab cakes twice now and I think I'm going to try some bisque and dip this week. We even got enough crab to be able to give a few to my coworker Michelle who is always happy to share the bounty from her garden with us! Dare I say we're having fun!

7 of the 9 keepers of the weekend, cooked and ready for pickin'!

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  1. The bisque was yummy, especially as leftovers today. The flavors melded beautifully!