Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're movin' to the country!

Yesterday Frank and I visited our 3 options for new slips. The options:
1. One on the dock we're on now--great view, lots of people/boats to look at, long walk to car, wicked currents, pier shape makes backing in tough.
2. "J" dock--close to parking, close to bathrooms (but showers still a walk), still near all the "action" of the marina, wicked narrow slip.
3. "K" north--back quiet corner of the marina, close to parking, little wind/current concerns, VERY easy slip to get in/out of, no real neighbors, near the shipyard, little walk to showers/laundry, near a marine store, swanky covered/auto door to the pier.

Well, we went with option #3. As a family, we hang out together anyway and kayak around the marina so we can still socialize. In the winter, the short walk and covered access will be key and right now this slip will help us get underway and back in with MUCH more flexibility. If we get too lonely in our little back corner, we can always go on the "preference list" to move to a different spot, but for now I'm excited! We'll tie up there after we return from our weekend out over the 4th.

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