Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hope Island State Park

Easy trip to Hope Island this morning where we attempted to moor. All the mooring balls were taken though so we went back to the south side of the island and anchored. With the wind out of the WNW this really isn't so bad. Frank fished and I sunbathed while the kids napped. Buggers woke up cranky, but we hopped in the kayaks and headed for the island anyway. We ended up going around the eastern end of the island and beaching on the north side after paddling in some wicked current. Katreina led us on a path through the woods, the whole time turning around to say, "shhh!!"--she was looking for fairies. The trail took us all the way across the island to a fantastic view of the boat. Sadly, no camera. Then we had to tote the tired kids back across the island and paddle into the current once more to complete our circumnavigation of the island.

Our anchorage on the south side of Hope Island

Dinner was painful. The kids are seriously not themselves today. Regardless, we decided to hit the south beach for some more playing around. Katreina climbed a crazy steep rock and Trent killed a baby crab (accident--crab pinched him and he "pinched" back!) and got very wet and sandy! As we got ready to leave we saw a huge bald eagle roosting overhead. Gorgeous!

My climber!

Love this family pic!

Now the drama is over, the kids are in bed, someone on Camano Island is shooting fireworks (it's not even dark yet!), and Frank is fishing (not catching)!!

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