Saturday, June 6, 2009

First night away

Yesterday we headed to the cabin to get it "guest ready" and work on the electrical. After getting a late start and seeing just how much the forest has grown over our house, we made the spontaneous decision to spend the night out there instead of coming back to the boat. Of course we didn't have any spare clothes (except for some stuff Katreina had grown out of that was awaiting donation), but we had diapers and a DVD player! After a few hours of work we hit Gold Bar for dinner and some provisions to get us through snack times. Katreina scored an old pair of PJs to sleep in but Trent got the bum deal and had to sleep in a Princess t-shirt! No photos! Getting the kids to sleep was a little tough, but once we did it was sooooo cute! They were snuggled up on the pull-out couch together and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture.

Today started off at Der Baring General Store for a hearty breakfast (that's all you'll find out in those parts!) and lots of coffee. Frank got back to work on the yard while I took the munchkins to the park in Index to continue adding to the layer of filth covering them.

They had a great time there, then we headed back so they could watch a movie and I could clean the inside of the cabin. All in all, a great morning. We hit Espresso Chalet on the way out of town and even Katreina got a little latte (without espresso!) that came complete with a gummy worm. She was in heaven until we heard "MY LATTE!!!" She had spilled a little milk, but yelled that out. Man it was a hoot!

Movie time

"MY LATTE!!!!"

Seriously very little wind today, so we're just going to relax around here. The kids looked wiped anyway and Frank is STILL not feeling 100%.

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