Thursday, May 7, 2009

"I christen thee...'Lehe Paine'!"

We just officially re-christened the boat! Frank did the honors, with a little shout-out to Neptune and Davy Jones, a splash of champagne on the bow, some champagne to the sea, and, you guessed it, champagne to the happy owners! To recap a little, the name comes from the Tehuelche language, a nearly extinct language from the Patagonia region of South America. We first became aware of it in 2007 on a trip to the region where one of the national parks is Torres del Paine. We learned that paine was "blue" (or light blue). When we began thinking of names for our boat, I kept coming back to that one word...paine. With a little research we learned the Tehuelche word for water was lehe. And thus, the idea to name the boat Lehe Paine was born! Our friends and family chimed in and the vote had a solid winner...and we love her!

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