Saturday, May 23, 2009

HELLO! I'm sailing here!

Less than 10 minutes ago we, no kidding, about got run over by a power boat. We're cruising amongst the San Juan Islands under sail and I'm watching this guy continue to close us but stay at the exact same bearing (for you non-Navy, non-boat folks, that's constant bearing, decreasing range, or CBDR, or better known as someone better make a freakin' move!). Being under sail, we're the stand on vessel and it's his job to safely get around us. Well just as we're about to blast the air horn at him he slows and looks to be planning to cross our stern. Then he scoots in behind us, like RIGHT behind us, about 20 feet directly off our stern. Frank called him on bridge-to-bridge to ask WTF and I'm pretty sure the guy said, "we're good." Couldn't hear him though because as the wind shifted slightly we slowed, he came even closer, and Frank started the engine up and barked "Just avoiding a collision at sea here!" as he gunned the engine to keep the power boat from riding up our stern. Insane! Never mind my freaking kids are asleep in their AFT BUNKS! We are in a very open waterway in the islands and are the only two boats around. I'm appalled that he couldn't have cleared us a little more safely, especially with his big 'ole gas chuggers pushing his boat. A-hole. Read your nav rules and be more considerate!

On a good note, the radio works well and the engine starts up on a dime!

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