Friday, April 17, 2009


We had our first casualty today so now all the nay-sayers can say, "I knew it was dangerous!" Yep, that's right--we lost a shoe off the ramp to the dock. Anyone who's ever eaten with Trent knows he can't keep his shoes on through a whole meal. So Frank was carrying him and he kicked it off as we were going up the ramp (low tide, of course). Frank did an impressive jump-over-fence-scramble-down-rip-rap rescue of the shoe and we were back on our way to a dinner of fish tacos at Taco del Mar. Hah hah!

Today was a full day of moving, getting stuff into storage, getting kids set for daycare, getting this nifty air card for the computer, and doing laundry. Just a few more "details" and we'll be able to get underway!

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