Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh my God, is that blood???

I'd tell you that's how the day started, but I'd be lying. Rewind a was a rainy morning, but we had high hopes for the day. As I checked the weather, the princess awoke. "Katreina, what's that in your hair?"

"Um, I dunno. A sticker." She woke up with one of her wall stickers in her hair. Then in the process of trying to claim ownership of her room, Trent's fingers got mashed in the door. Tears and yelling ensued.

We made it through breakfast and the rain had stopped. We planned to take the dinghy on a short hop to Jetty Island to grab a few geocaches so Frank went topside to dry it out while I got ready and the kids played in their rooms. I was just finishing brushing my teeth when Trent came in behind me. He fiddled around a bit (like any good toddler) and that's when I looked down and saw it. Oh my God, is that blood??? Yep! His toe was bleeding like crazy! I followed the trail through the boat all the way back to Katreina's room. I saw that he had a huge, deep splinter in it, but couldn't fathom where in the room it came from. Frank came in to perform minor surgery on the poor guy's big toe and succeeded in removing the offending objects (there were actually 2!).

We patched him up and headed to Jetty Island and were indeed successful at nabbing 2 geocaches there. By the end of that trip is was clear the kids were tired and hungry so we took our cranky gang back to the marina for some lunch. After the kids went down for nap, we decided there was no time like the present to get underway. Just had to get dinghy back on board...easy, right? Heck no! That thing is heavier than she looks! After Frank cut his finger, we got the lifelines unhooked, wrestled the bohemith onto the deck, and strapped it down. Getting underway was a breeze this time...

After cutting through a regatta we enjoyed a little sail and saw whale #1 of the day. The wind left pretty shortly after that and we realized we'd have to power up to get to an anchorage for the night. Katreina joined us while Trent slept. It was an amazing day, just wish we had more wind. Once Trent was up it was snack time for the kiddos...yummy Cheetos!

Frank scoped out the area and found whale #2. As we approached the anchorage (Honeymoon Bay), the kids settled in for a little movie action. Nothing like Cinderella at sea!

Just for a little excitement, we couldn't get the anchor windlass to power up as we were coming in. Seems you need to have the main engine keys in to make it work... After I sliced my finger wide open on a piece of wire, we anchored with ease. I patched myself up and got to cooking dinner in the expansive kitchen. Burgers (grilled on deck by the Captain), asparagus, chips, grapes, and beer!

So surely that's the end of the day, right? I wish! After some discipline issues with Katreina we all headed below and started up one of our favorite family activities--tickle time! We had fun, but it came to an abrupt halt when Trent (a.k.a. Vampire) took a serious hold of my leg with his teeth! Little monster left some pretty deep marks through my thickest jeans! Now the kids are in bed and the boat is silent. So let's see, that's injuries to Trent, Frank, and Jody (though Trent had 2 so that could transfer over to Katreina so that we would all have a war wound from today...), 2 technical difficulties, 2 geocaches, 2 whales, and 2 tired parents. Lonnnnnnnng day, but I loved it!

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  1. Ok, I shouldn't mark this as funny, but it's all in the telling...I was singing your list of maladies to the tune of "12 days of Christmas", and it works! A box of band-aids will be arriving in the mail shortly...