Thursday, January 29, 2009

A whirlwind of activity!

Closing the deal on our boat purchase has given new meaning to her name "Typhoon"! I have really worked for 3 solid days to make sure everything is in order. I won't go into all the roadblocks, fortunes, and saves we had to go through. I'm just happy to be headed back to Seattle knowing that everything is ready on our end to close the deal. The seller is apparently having some troubles getting some last minute forms notarized, but I doubt that will hold this deal up.

You know, I never get missed connections from delayed flights. Never. (Well except the time my plane made an emergency landing due to the engine being on fire, but that's a separate story...) I'm just one of those lucky people. Well, today I got bumped to a later flight due to delays in Dallas, and then even missed my later connecting flight to Seattle! So here I am sitting at DFW waiting to board my flight. Jesse should be arriving at Sea-Tac right about now. I feel bad he'll be sitting there for so long. I left him a message and told him to drink copious amounts of beer. :) So much for going to bed early tonight. It's a full flight, but hopefully I can sleep on the plane. Please, please let a skinny, quiet (preferably mute), non-fidgeting, pleasant smelling person sit next to me!!! Yeah right...

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