Sunday, January 11, 2009

A rough start

As we packed our bags for the trip, we were a little crushed to find that an offer had been accepted on the Beneteau 390 (it was almost perfect for us). Upon our arrival in Seattle yesterday we also found out that an offer was in on the Beneteau 38s5. Was the whole world against us?

We met up with Rick today and did all the needs/wants/budget stuff. We ended up looking at a Cal 40 in Everett that was SUPER tight! Had us a little freaked out about how tiny 40-footers were, but then again she had a pretty narrow beam. We left Rick to set up some stuff for the next day and headed to Seattle to satisfy our World Wraps and REI cravings. On the way, we realized we were heading right for the marina where the Beneteau 390 and 38s5 were and decided to stop in. The selling broker, Chapin at Seattle’s Signature Yachts, was awesome and let us check out both anyway just to get a feel for the size and layout of both. They were nice, but we left feeling like 2 cabins might not cut it for us after all…could the kids really sleep together? Even if they could now, how long would it really last? World wraps=yummy thinking food…

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