Monday, February 2, 2009

Deception Pass

What a beautiful day! Today was sunny, clear, and about 45 degrees. We still had no wind, but as a consolation prize the seas were flat calm. Considering we were going to be going through Deception Pass for the first time today, I'd prefer flat over breezy any day!

We woke up around 8:30 or so after a night at the local Irish Pub (and some much needed sleeping in). After cooking up a hearty skillet breakfast we got underway at 10 am. Timing is everything for transiting Deception Pass. Currents here can exceed 8 kts, so you really want to cross at slackwater. (For all those "landlubbers" just take my word for it- 8 kts of current is a lot!) Slackwater for this afternoon was at 2:07 pm, so we had plenty of time to get there.

We entered the pass just prior to slackwater. The ebb current provided maximum steerage with a good flow of water going over the rudder. Going through was exciting, even near slack water. There were whirlpools that you could throw a basketball down, back eddies, and onlookers waiting for you to slam against the rocks. We did have perfect conditions, though, and no other vessel traffic. It was a good first crossing, and it felt great to pass through! Some might say I was crazy to take a brand new (to me) boat on its maiden voyage and go through the pass, but we planned it well enough to manage the risks properly. Besides, I didn't want Jesse to come all the way to Washington on a sailing trip and not do Deception Pass! :)

We transited to Holmes Harbor and dropped anchor in Honeymoon Bay. It was a great anchorage. There were a few sailboats on moorings, but no transients. And wow- how about that electric windlass???? That was the easiest anchoring evolution I've ever had. We grilled the last of the burgers, and enjoyed a quiet night out "on the hook".

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  1. Can anyone tell that Frank is a former Naval officer? "...manage the risk properly..." :P