Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another step closer!

I'm heading home after a very successful weekend in WA and BC. The survey and sea trial went great. Rick picked me up from the Navy Lodge around 6 am, and we headed north. Our survey was scheduled for 10 am, so we should have had more than enough time to get there. Unfortunately Rick's GPS was acting pretty squirrelly, so we ended up taking the scenic route and getting there right on time.

Phil, our surveyor, went straight to work, first with the interior and then the topside. It was also nice talking with Brad and Pat, who really know Beneteaus. Every time I talk to them I learn something! Then came haul-out, and the hull was checked. This was the moment of truth- my sole major concern was a report from the owner that the boat had "bounced off" some rocks once while in charter. I was extremely relieved when we all saw no damage to the keel!!

After that Typhoon was put back into the water for her sea-trial. Phil, Brad, and Pat left us, and Rick, myself, Scott (the listing agent), and JP, the owner of Westerly Yachts, went out for a sail. All week it had been foggy and dreary, but today the sun was shining and the temperature was nice! The only problem- we only had about 5 kts of wind max! We did raise/lower all the sails except the spinnaker, and tried out the engine at various RPM's. I was amazed at how easily Typhoon handled, and how FAST she was (for a sailboat). I called jody on the way back in and let her know the good news: we'd be boat owners in one week!

We got back very late Friday. On Saturday I went to the cabin to check on things. The cabin was in great shape! Much better than I hoped it would be, really. The recent heavy rains and floods has washed out our steps in two spots, but I did spend the rest of the afternoon clearing the rest of the path up. I'm concerned about a mini-slide the occurred recently on the slope the cabin is near, but it is stable enough to deal with after we return to the area.

Time to buckle down and get things moving! The quick and dirty to make this all happen in a week- Phil will email the survey results Monday, then I'll send to the bank, get the loan finalized, set up wiring instructions once Marine Documentation Service gets the final numbers, set-up a customs broker, get insurance, and then fly back out in 3 1/2 days to close on Friday and take possession and sail it back to Everett by this time next week. Whew!!

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