Monday, December 1, 2008

And so it begins...

It was Thanksgiving weekend 2008. Frank's whole family was in town and we were returning from a trip to Baton Rouge, with his sister and I in my car. By now we knew that my next set of orders would have us (excitedly) returning to Everett, WA and this long drive gave me time to think--maybe too much time! I'd suggested that we live in our one-room cabin during this tour to save lots of money for travels, but Frank was pretty firmly opposed as we have 2 little kids and the cabin lacks running water.

Ok, maybe that's not where it begins. In fact, I think it really began back in 2004 when our friend Jesse hooked us up with a Cal 20 from a local auction in Elizabeth City, NC for $200. She wasn't much to look at, but she could sail! We had a lot of fun with that boat and ever since we sold it in 2006 Frank has been saying that he wanted another. Or maybe it began when I sailed on the Corwith Cramer with the Sea Education Association, or maybe it was getting rocked to sleep on the Bowdoin when I was in college. Or maybe we both had fun doing our mandatory-for-all-Navy-officers sailing. Somehow, we both had come to enjoy being on the water, especially under sail.

So back to the suddenly dawned on me. I could have the cabin (we've talked about selling it a few times and I'm strangely attached to it) AND Frank could have his boat. We could live on a boat! Then the cabin would be our "shore" home! Frank's sister, Fawn, entertained my idea with a giggle and "I want to be there when you tell him this idea!" I'm pretty sure she thought I was nuts and that there was no way anything would come of it.

When I finally got a minute to talk to Frank (you know how it is around the holidays!), I enthusiastically shared my new idea. The response? "That's not a bad idea." I love this guy.


  1. This is Fawn. I would like to say that Jody's comment is entirely correct. From my perspective I was completely disappointed that there was no drama involved when Jody made the "living on the boat" suggestion. Frank did not look at her like perhaps she had gone crazy, or was joking, just gave agreement in approximately 2.8 seconds. I have determined that they are either deeply in love with each other, both clinically crazy, or perhaps just crazy in love. In any case, I am excited about their new adventure and looking forward to visiting in May! love you guys...!

  2. A great start to your blog, Jody! Your blog is now on my Blogger dashboard, easy to locate to check for updates! By the way, the name voting was tough...I look forward to seeing who the winner is!