Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shopping turns to offering

Today we needed a down-day. We had seen enough boats to have 2 strong contenders—the Beneteau 40 and the Beneteau 393 (plus a few others that might work). We decided to travel east to Index and check on our cabin out there and take some time to talk and really think about this. We both would love the 393, but we needed to make sure we could afford it. We’re approved for more than the asking price and are pretty confident we can afford it in the long run, but getting through the closing and big down payment would be tough. Was it worth it? On the drive out we decided that the 393 was the one to go for. That was the layout that would work for our family and if we couldn’t get that boat we probably needed to keep looking for ones similar to it. But we still kept going through the pros and cons…

The trip to the cabin was an adventure in itself—the road was washed out! Recent rains had soaked the hillside and it had given way just a few days earlier. We debated hiking in (about 2 miles), but with both kids asleep in the car we abandoned the cabin and retreated to the Espresso Chalet on Rt 2 (An aside here—if you EVER find yourself on Rt 2 in WA and need a little boost, stop at Espresso Chalet. It is THE BEST little espresso shop on the entire road. I know. I’ve tried many!). This decision to go after Typhoon, the 393, was eating me alive and I needed caffeine to clear my head. Were we spending too much? Would we all hate living on it and be tied to this floating cage that we couldn’t sell? Would we ground on our first outing? Would work keep us too busy to even enjoy it? Will Trent fall out of bed and end up with yet another skull fracture? Thank goodness for the Tollhouse Mocha…I’m absolutely fine with this! It’s going to be an adventure! And I won’t be sitting around in 10 years saying, “What if…?”!!! YES! Let’s get this boat!!!

We high-tailed it back to Everett. First we went to the marina and put our names on the waiting list for a slip—we were gonna need a place to put this thing! While there we got a lead on a sublease slip available starting in February. We could potentially have it for 6 months, which should just about get us up to the time when we would have a slip of our own. Then Frank met up with Rick to officially submit our offer on Typhoon. Like any good buyer, we went in low. Let the wait begin!!!!

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