Monday, December 1, 2008

And so it begins...

It was Thanksgiving weekend 2008. Frank's whole family was in town and we were returning from a trip to Baton Rouge, with his sister and I in my car. By now we knew that my next set of orders would have us (excitedly) returning to Everett, WA and this long drive gave me time to think--maybe too much time! I'd suggested that we live in our one-room cabin during this tour to save lots of money for travels, but Frank was pretty firmly opposed as we have 2 little kids and the cabin lacks running water.

Ok, maybe that's not where it begins. In fact, I think it really began back in 2004 when our friend Jesse hooked us up with a Cal 20 from a local auction in Elizabeth City, NC for $200. She wasn't much to look at, but she could sail! We had a lot of fun with that boat and ever since we sold it in 2006 Frank has been saying that he wanted another. Or maybe it began when I sailed on the Corwith Cramer with the Sea Education Association, or maybe it was getting rocked to sleep on the Bowdoin when I was in college. Or maybe we both had fun doing our mandatory-for-all-Navy-officers sailing. Somehow, we both had come to enjoy being on the water, especially under sail.

So back to the suddenly dawned on me. I could have the cabin (we've talked about selling it a few times and I'm strangely attached to it) AND Frank could have his boat. We could live on a boat! Then the cabin would be our "shore" home! Frank's sister, Fawn, entertained my idea with a giggle and "I want to be there when you tell him this idea!" I'm pretty sure she thought I was nuts and that there was no way anything would come of it.

When I finally got a minute to talk to Frank (you know how it is around the holidays!), I enthusiastically shared my new idea. The response? "That's not a bad idea." I love this guy.