Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Easter...from the dock! 😄😔

We arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday to a so-so forecast and some concerns about how tight the weather windows were.  Oh well, we were here!  The boat was in great shape and after a quick scrub it was back to looking like the home we know and love.  I optimisticly filled the fridge.

Today we woke up to a hard decision.  We need a 4 day window.  A 2 day window could get us to Panama City Beach, but we would have to find a marina there and figure out the next leg.  We were stuck between thunderstorms and light winds, with a leg at the limits of our motoring range.  Then all those sayings came to mind..."you can't fight the weather," "if there is any doubt, there is no doubt," and "this should be fun."  It's just not meant to be this time.  And honestly, I think we knew it when we got in the car to drive here and we knew spring storms were going to be a challenge, but I'm glad we did it.  We know the boat is in great shape and we have planned an alternate fun spring break!

And even though we didn't get underway today, we had plenty of boat fun!

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