Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy 6th Boativersary!

Though the Captain is off gallivanting in Nicaragua today, the kids and I wished each other a Happy Boativersary!  6 years ago we arrived in Everett, Washington after a cross-country move and started moving aboard.  I'm not sure any of our friends and family thought it would last this long, but I think I knew from the start.  Still love our little home!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ahoy, land-lubbers! (a.k.a. my family)

Our Illinois family finally made it out to the east coast for a brief visit!  Though only here for a few days, they managed to tour the Pentagon, tour Arlington Cemetery (with a behind-the-scenes visit with the Honor Guard!), see the peak of the cherry blossoms (and all the downtown craziness that ensues on closing weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival), and experience a fantastic day of sailing on the Bay!  Good wind and no waves--couldn't ask for better conditions to take a few land-lubbers out!  :P

One other highlight was discovering a fun, local lodging option--the Seahorse Cottage!  Clean, artsy-quirky, and just 2 blocks from the town's boardwalk.  They loved it! 

The trip was too short, but I'm glad we got a little time together!