Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Move time! Or is it?

After arranging kid care and taking 2+ weeks off work, we drove 8 hrs to Jacksonville to get back to our home!  With the fridge stocked and the rental car returned, we just needed to install the new nav light, maybe swap out a macerater, and figure out why there was so much water in the bilge!  Seriously, where was it coming from?  I got all the water out and we couldn't see a drip, so we started the engine--nothing.  Put it in gear--bingo!  The shaft seal was hemorraging water.  F.  F.  F.  Now what? We want to go, but with light winds the next 2 days we will have to motor.  There's only one thing we can do--wait until the morning and call yards along the river to see if we can get it fixed pronto.  If not, the plan will change!

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