Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fishing for a Happy Mother's Day

I am quite under the weather today, with a horrible sinus headache and fever.  But it is just such a nice day on the bay that I wanted to head out anyway. About 15 minutes after the lines went in and Frank was just thinking that we were sailing a little slow for trolling we nailed one!  It crossed one of our other lines and we ended up losing a rig, but we got the fish!  This one was netted from the transom--much easier for me!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Landed one!

This weekend we set out on a mission--catch a rockfish.  And we did it!  We trolled 3 rigs for a few hours, and got a solid hit on one of the Cuban yo-yos.  Frank expertly pulled it in, but getting it netted and aboard was a challenge!  The net was way too small and I couldn't hook my feet on anything to lean over far enough to get a good angle, but eventually Frank got this beautiful 36" rockfish aboard.  Dinner was wonderful!!!