Monday, August 11, 2014

The Perfect (Old) Bay Weekend

This weekend we had the ultimate Bay experience.  After a quick run to shore for breakfast and a workout on deck, we set sail for one of our favorite spots, the Wye River.  We had a nice sail across the bay before losing the wind in Eastern Bay.  The iron gennie got us to our final destination of Wye Landing, further up the River than we had gone before, to have a raft-up with our neighbors on Braveheart.

Frank and K ran up to the landing to score some crabs from the watermen (a dozen and a half #2's, or Baltimore #1's) while I took a dip.  After our friends came, K had the misfortune of jumping in right on a jellyfish, getting stings on both legs and one arm.  Swim time was over FAST!

Good news is that we had a fantastic bay dinner!  Roma's Old Bay sausage, steamed blue crabs with Old Bay, slaw with Old Bay, and Flying Dog's Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale.  Darn good eating! And a nice night on the hook with friends!

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