Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quick escape

0830 "Well what do you want to do today?  Get underway?"  Showers, filled water, had coffee...

0915 Underway!  Destination--unknown!

No wind, fishing, fluky wind, and finally the iron genny led us to a nice little anchorage in the Rhode River.  The nettles weren't too bad so we swam a bit.  Someone moored a float with a slide on it out here and the kids had a blast with that!  Both kids got hit by nettles eventually.

Dinner, movie night, and now fishing as the sun sets.  I like these little escapes.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A quiet end to the festivities

After the excitement of Annapolis we crossed the bay to the Miles River and the relative calm of Saint Michaels.  Sadly the nettles were pretty bad here so swimming was out, but we had fun with dinghy rides, playing at the park, and cooling off with ice cream.  We hit up our favorite toy store to pick up classic Monopoly and watched Captain Ron to refresh us on some of the rules.

Saturday we took advantage of the free admission at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum for military families.  It was great!  In all the times we'd been to this town before we hadn't visited, but with two nights on the hook we were finally able to.  It was blazing hot out, but the combo of buildings with a/c and outside displays was bearable.  Then while cooking dinner back at the boat we spotted a dolphin right in the anchorage among the boat!  The third and final fireworks show of the weekend capped off our visit and it was great, too!

Sailing home, heading for the pool to cool off!