Saturday, June 1, 2013


We kicked the weekend off Friday night with a fantastic "Crapper Blowout" pier party, funded entirely by the sale of our neighbor's ElectraSan toilets.  Ribeye, lamb, chicken, sea bass, shrimp, burgers, grilled asparagus, salads, apps, wine, and beer--yummy!

Saturday I went for a bike ride before we hit the water for a fabulous day of sailing. We dropped the hook in Trippe Creek near Oxford, MD and went swimming. It was a little cool at first, and the kids and I each got a little jelly sting, but it was awesome.  After a nice cookout and dinner on deck, we headed into town for ice cream.  The boat is finally cooling off below 80, the Captain is reading stories to the kids on deck, and the sunset it amazing.  Perfect!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Off/on water weekend

With crazy winds in the forecast we pulled ourselves off the boat for a few days to visit with nearby family.  Sunday we persuaded them to join us for a day sail.  With 10 people aboard we got some early excitement when we touched bottom just trying to leave the marina!  We sailed under a scrap of sail in 15-20 kts and managed a comfortable ride.  After we turned back towards home we were shocked to see a huge group of dolphins!  There were at least two dozen and they were frolicking all around us.  Such a treat!  After we returned we played on the beach and had a nice cook out.  

Today we did all we could to celebrate the freedom so many have died protecting.  Breakfast on deck, bike rides, a dip in the freezing pool, lunch by the pool, kayaking, paddle boarding, dinner with our neighbors...a full, wonderful day.