Monday, April 23, 2012


Yesterday we shipped the Captain off to do some work on the other coast.  The kids barely noticed because our excitement soon turned to welcoming our guests for the evening!  My college friends Kristy and Angelo were heading up the coast with their adorable daughter and their little boy that I hadn't met yet and we were so thrilled to have them crash with us for the night.  I'm always just a touch nervous when we show the house to folks, even more so when we have folks stay overnight with us, because I'm just waiting for them to have that "ah ha" moment when they go "these guys are nucking futs!"  But they are awesome friends for a reason, and we danced around 4 kids and trying to eat dinner, they learned how to flush the toilet, and they even sat on my old, crappy, bottomed-out cushions without complaint.  I love them!  Despite a windy, rainy night they seemed to get a little rest in their 2 cabins (the kids and I shared the princess pirate suite) and fueled up at local favorite Honey's Harvest before hitting the road.  That was the great part of the night/day...

Since Frank is gone, Trent sprung a high fever and needed to go to the doctor, I had to miss a pretty important day at work to tend to his clingyness, and kind of felt a little overwhelmed.  In the end the day was ok, and tonight I'm enjoying dreaming about the possibility of chartering some crazy large boat with my friend's family.  I miss being closer to them.

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