Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 5--The return begins

Today was insane! The morning started off great with a walk into EC for some coffee at Muddy Waters and one last goodbye to our friends. Winds were great for sailing down the Pasquatank for the first few hours. The day was lovely though stressful as we had to cross several shallow spots, including the one we had grounded at 2 days ago. Once we cleared that our next big concern was a line of thunderstorms. Lightning, 30-50kt winds, and blinding rain kept the pressure on us. As it was starting to clear we were near an abandoned marina at Pungo Ferry Bridge and decided to join another sailboat for the night. The weather was improving but after a long day we were just ready to stop. It gave us a chance to eat together and walk on a nearby beach. And the sunset was amazing! The forecast for our return isn't great, but we will make the best of it.

On a java run to Muddy Waters.
Play date with the mermaids on deck.
Finally under sail!
I'm driving!
Playing on the beach at Pungo Ferry Bridge.
After some rough stretches, this amazing sunset is a sweet reward.

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