Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello, 2012!

Happy New Year, one and all!  With fabulously warm weather forecast for the weekend, we headed up to Annapolis to join in their festivities.  We had a great sail up and after a little help from the Harbormaster (mooring lines had been zip-tied for the winter!) we took over mooring ball #1 in an empty mooring field. 
VERY relaxed as we head out of the marina.
The Captain surrounded by full holiday decor.
He got a turtle from the clown.
She got a ladybug!
 As we headed into town, we welcomed our only neighbor for the night, the Lagoon 44 "Joy of Tahoe," by cutting their mooring line free, too.  In town we enjoyed a drum and bugle corps, a clown, ice cream and coffee, a trip to a park that we somehow hadn't discovered before, and a magic show--it was great!  After heading back to the boat, we were able to enjoy the bands all night.  There were 2 fireworks shows--7:30 and midnight--and they were both great!  We relaxed, reflected on all that 2011 brought us (hello, I'm home!), and pondered on what 2012 would bring.

We are ready for fireworks!

The trip home was adventurous to say the least!  We pounded in 3-4' seas and 20+ kts.  Docking was even a bit of a challenge!  We're home and it's time to relax and enjoy 2012!
A toast to the New Year (before the winds kicked up!).

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