Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Lehe Paine!

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope that all our friends and loved ones did, too.  The kids got some nice gifts from the family and were thrilled with this year's big present from Santa--a Wii!  They got a few games and can't wait to try it out--I'm just happy to see it fits nicely in the one spot we have for it!  Katreina's request for "food for starving kids" was fulfilled via food pantry and shelter donations in Illinois and a Heifer gift of chickens.  I'm immensely proud of her for asking for that, and even more proud that she was happy when she actually got it instead of a bunch of toys.  We were even surprised by a visit from some of our dock neighbors, and we were all spoiled by the crew of Libre Vie.  We ended the festivities with what has become a new favorite boat breakfast--Immaculate Baking Co. cinnamon rolls.  Yum!  Now we're off to Gaithersburg to visit Frank's family and continue the holiday gluttony with shrimp and grits.  After a great trip this has been a great Christmas.  I can't imagine topping it next year!
The kids were very happy!

Thanks, Libre Vie!

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