Sunday, September 11, 2011

Skylight work (a.k.a. The boat project from hell)

After a seriously long week at work we decided to stay put and get a few boat projects done. As we'd noticed some of the caulk coming out and had some leakage during the hurricane, we figured it was time to strip and replace the caulk on our cabin skylight. We removed the caulk easily enough then had to scrub the biology project that had been growing in the seam. After a meticulous tape job, I was ready to go. We decided to use some marine adhesive/sealant that said it was for port lights. I was a little leery as my comfort is with 100% silicone, but dove right in. Immediately I decided I hate this sticky, goopy, marine crap. I couldn't smooth it to save my life and it didn't seem to bond even to itself. To make matters worse, when we went to pull up the tape (nice 3M blue tape!) the paint on the actual window lifted with it, as did some of the lovely sealant. I was crushed. All that work and we had a botched job and had created another with the window paint. Despondent, I turned to the pool/bar for a pick-me-up.

This morning we got back to working on the window, cleaning out the adhesive and prepping it for an application of 100% silicone. Frank also started project #2--fixing the engine shutoff button at the helm. THAT was an AWESOME boat project! Seems the wire connection had jiggled loose right behind the panel. Easy fix! We cleaned it up, recaulked the cover, and voila! Done!

After lunch I applied the caulk to the window without any real issue. We did have a few showers move through so we had a tarp up to protect our work. So far so good, but I'm anxious to see how it holds up.

So how did we celebrate? With a trip to East of Maui in Annapolis where I got a longboard! The guy working there didn't even make me feel like an old hag! I got a nice little Sector 9 board, checked out their selection of SUPs, then came home to skateboard. I love my board! I took one good digger in the tennis court, but otherwise did okay. It was a great release after this past week and weekend. And now...FOOTBALL!!!!! :D

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