Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Wye River

Today was a great day of sailing with 12-15kt winds making for a quick upwind trip to the Wye River. I'll admit that we were healing a little much for my comfort at times, but it was kind of cool seeing us top out just above 7kts.

We anchored in Granary Creek (the only boat here!) and since it was blazing hot outside we all immediately got into swimsuits and started jumping off the boat. It was like swimming in bath water, but still managed to cool us off. Dinner and a long dinghy ride wrapped the night for the kids, but with temps in the boat still in the 80's we decided to stay on deck and enjoy the peaceful night. As the sun set I took a shower out on the transom, enjoying the warm, peaceful evening. Add this to my list of nice spots...

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