Saturday, March 6, 2010

A few chores...

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day!  However, since Katreina has a friend's birthday party tonight and her own tomorrow, we're not underway.  We did go on a nice long paddle in the kayaks this morning though and spent the early afternoon doing some chores.  Mine?  Cleaning the year's growth off the dinghy!

Our big girl is 4!

The title says it all...Happy Birthday, munchkin!  We had a mini-celebration tonight since her party is Sunday.  She chose to go out to eat at the "cheese quesadilla place" which is also known as El Paraiso.  They surprised her there with a birthday song!  Back home she got lots of clothes and gear for baby Sophia, an outfit, a loud music player, and a new game for her Leapster.  Good times!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lonnnnnggggggg night

So I'm on watch right now, in the wee hours of Sunday morning, a Sunday that I hope to spend with my kids since I'm on travel this week.  I'm so crazy tired right now that I really hope I can even manage the drive home at 0700. 

Today, or I guess yesterday now, was pretty fun.  After a pancake breakfast, Simon, a friend's 6-month old, came over to spend some time with us so his parents could make a brunch date.  He was so cute and it was fun to have a baby around!

I didn't sleep hardly at all before this watch, and my triple latte is wearing off.  I just want to make it to breakfast at Kate's and then through the morning so I can collapse at nap time!!!!