Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend escape (almost!)

As my time back in Everett is coming to an end, we finally were able to get underway for the weekend!  We left Friday night under a clear sky with winds out of the north and decided somewhere around the end of Jetty Island that we should head south to Poulsbo and take advantage of some nice downwind sailing.  We sailed into the night, with the moon rising in a glow of amber and stars all around.  We didn't anchor until 10:30, but it was a nice night. 

Saturday morning I got contacted by work to let me know that I had to come in to work for some urgent tasking.  Ugh!  Winds were not favorable for a gentle return to Everett, a cab/bus/ferry would take forever, and I just really didn't want to abandon my family weekend!  In the end, we decided Sunday afternoon would do.  So we spend Saturday hopping around Poulsbo, enjoying some end-of-summer sales and treats for the kids.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time kayaking.  After dinner back on the boat, we went for another paddle to check out some seals and were surprised by a plethora of jellyfish!  They were literally everywhere.  Trent touched a few, but Katreina certainly would not!  Such a great day on and around the water, and I will totally miss days like that.

Sunday we busted back to Everett, another great day of downwind sailing (though I'll admit I got a little sick early in the day!) that got us back around noon.  I rushed over to the ship while Frank was Super Frank and cleaned up the entire boat, pumped tanks, and filled water.  He's a machine!  I managed to finish up at work in enough time for us to hit the Farmer's Market for a few minutes, then the kids and I ran around the grassy area to give Frank some "Dad time."  And what did he do?  To heck with relaxing!  He tore apart the shower drain pump in the kids bath that's been broke and proceeded to repair it. 

We capped the weekend off with a nice walk down the pier after the kids went to bed.  It was a perfect evening.  I can't wait to do it all again!

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