Sunday, June 13, 2010

CA Vacation!

This is a quick recap of our last week, a family vacation to San Diego.  The kids were awesome for the flight--this one was pretty short compared to their cross-country jaunts! 

As soon as we got in to CA, we all piled into the rental car, loaded up on food at Santana's, and headed east for 6hrs to get to Phoenix.  A few days before the trip we decided we should take this opportunity to see Frank's Grandma Roegene.  Monday morning we had a nice visit with her for a couple of hours.  She looked wonderful and though her memory isn't what it used to be, we had a great time chatting away.  We were also surprised as Uncle Tom stopped by, too!  It was really great to see them both, but around noon we took our leave, hit In-and-Out, and headed back west to visit the rest of the family. 

Tuesday Frank's sister Fawn retired from the Navy after 20 years of service.  Great ceremony, and great "adults only" reception that night!  After that it was a little rough...both kids had been coughy really bad during the trip and weren't sleeping well so we took them to the ER at Balboa to get checked out.  Katreina had just finished medicine for strep so we wanted to be sure they were ok.  Despite the fact that Trent threw up right in the ER waiting room, they checked out ok.  Trent got a heavy-duty cough suppressant and we headed to the hotel to try to get some sleep.  That day was a rehearsal for Fawn's wedding in a cute little park on Coronado followed by a bbq at a park that some of her friends put together.  It was all a ton of fun, but Trent was a little tired and as he was tossing about during a fit he managed to get nursemaid's elbow again so we were off to the ER for the second time that day!  It was a quick fix, and we were all completely spent after that!

Thursday we had a pretty low-key morning before the afternoon wedding!  It was a great ceremony and the kids had fun, especially during the butterfly release.  The reception was a great dinner party and the kids had their own little area with 2 of the greatest babysitters I've ever met!  Trent was still pretty needy, but we had a great time.  He fell asleep the second we left the reception, but Katreina and I ran to Nado Gelato for a treat and she made a MESS of herself eating in the car!

By Friday we were all pretty healthy and had a great time playing at the beach with the whole family, including new cousin Alexa.  She is such a sweety!  I took Trent back a little early to get cleaned up, but I hear that Katreina had a great time splashing around in the ocean with "Uncle" Stephan.  The whole big group went out to dinner at Miguelito's.  It was great, but Trent and Laurel CRASHED at dinner, and Katreina snoozed for a few minutes.  The beach was definitely fun!  We said goodbye to the Baranko family and headed off to get lots of sleep!

Saturday we had great weather, reasonably good health, and a fantastic time at Sea World with Grandma, Logan, and Laurel!  I will admit the Shamu show "Believe" caused me to tear up because it reminded me of how I felt when I was a littke girl seeing all of that for the first time.  I loved seeing the kids' faces light up.  Finally we grabbed a sushi feast and headed back to Coronado to hang out with the g-parents and cousins for one last time. 

Ok, so maybe that wasn't such a quick recap!  Fun, exhausting trip.  It was really great to see everyone and celebrate all of Fawn's big life changes!

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