Monday, June 29, 2009

Chores, chores, chores

Since I was the Staff Duty Officer this weekend we couldn't exactly get away. Instead we spent the weekend knocking out "honey do's." Frank readied the crabbing gear, rigged the spinnaker, replaced a line on the genoa roller fuller, cleaned the bilges, checked the oil, and basically reorganized all our gear. For my part, I babysat, scrubbed floors, did some work, shopped for b-day presents, and started to stock up on grub for the upcoming weekend. Busy but good. We're very ready to head out Thursday and after several single-handed treks to and from the car with the kids this weekend, I am VERY ready to move to our new slip when we return!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Day Treat!

After a relaxing morning and hefty breakfasts at Kate's, we decided to head south yesterday to the Bainbridge Island area with our sights set on Liberty Bay for an anchorage. It was truly a relaxing journey, with a good amount of time spent under a gentle sail. We got to see the Victoria Clipper, great views of Seattle, some WWII planes (a Mitchell bomber right now!), and a sub returning home under a Coast Guard escort. Agate Passage was interesting...or scary if you were watching the top of the mast slide under the bridge!

Sub under escort

Sliding under the bridge at Agate Pass

Liberty Bay is at Poulsbo and while we debated anchoring close into town and paddling in, we decided not to since we anchored at dinner time. We abandoned our first anchorage after realizing this morning's -3.8ft tide would put us in the mud but had no problem getting set in deeper water. We had a nice evening with the kids...nice dinner following by bubbles and a little fishing. When they were tired though, they were tired!



This morning the kids actually slept later than their Aunt Fawn, who called at 7am! They were up shortly thereafter and we gave Daddy some gifts and enjoyed pancakes and eggs before pulling the hook. Sailing now, heading back to Everett to perhaps hit the farmer's market and the playground. This was a nice overnight trip that I would definitely like to repeat!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're movin' to the country!

Yesterday Frank and I visited our 3 options for new slips. The options:
1. One on the dock we're on now--great view, lots of people/boats to look at, long walk to car, wicked currents, pier shape makes backing in tough.
2. "J" dock--close to parking, close to bathrooms (but showers still a walk), still near all the "action" of the marina, wicked narrow slip.
3. "K" north--back quiet corner of the marina, close to parking, little wind/current concerns, VERY easy slip to get in/out of, no real neighbors, near the shipyard, little walk to showers/laundry, near a marine store, swanky covered/auto door to the pier.

Well, we went with option #3. As a family, we hang out together anyway and kayak around the marina so we can still socialize. In the winter, the short walk and covered access will be key and right now this slip will help us get underway and back in with MUCH more flexibility. If we get too lonely in our little back corner, we can always go on the "preference list" to move to a different spot, but for now I'm excited! We'll tie up there after we return from our weekend out over the 4th.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New home?

We just got word from Port of Everett today that we have options for a permanent slip! We've been subleasing and that arrangement is up at the end of July, so we've been waiting for this. We've basically got 3 options to choose from, all with their own distinct set of pros and cons. Hopefully Frank will escape from work early to we can go check 'em all out together!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hope Island State Park

Easy trip to Hope Island this morning where we attempted to moor. All the mooring balls were taken though so we went back to the south side of the island and anchored. With the wind out of the WNW this really isn't so bad. Frank fished and I sunbathed while the kids napped. Buggers woke up cranky, but we hopped in the kayaks and headed for the island anyway. We ended up going around the eastern end of the island and beaching on the north side after paddling in some wicked current. Katreina led us on a path through the woods, the whole time turning around to say, "shhh!!"--she was looking for fairies. The trail took us all the way across the island to a fantastic view of the boat. Sadly, no camera. Then we had to tote the tired kids back across the island and paddle into the current once more to complete our circumnavigation of the island.

Our anchorage on the south side of Hope Island

Dinner was painful. The kids are seriously not themselves today. Regardless, we decided to hit the south beach for some more playing around. Katreina climbed a crazy steep rock and Trent killed a baby crab (accident--crab pinched him and he "pinched" back!) and got very wet and sandy! As we got ready to leave we saw a huge bald eagle roosting overhead. Gorgeous!

My climber!

Love this family pic!

Now the drama is over, the kids are in bed, someone on Camano Island is shooting fireworks (it's not even dark yet!), and Frank is fishing (not catching)!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A weekend away

Frank & I got out of class/work early today so we were pretty set on getting underway and heading north to Hope Island State Park. The tides and wicked current at our dock, however, had other plans. We were off by lunch, but wouldn't be able to leave until after 3. We decided to make the best of the time, taking in a lunch date at Kate's and then (I can't believe I'm about to admit this) a nap! We got the kids around 3, spent a little time at the fiesta at Katreina's school, then made preps to get underway.

The wind had picked up, I'm guessing to about 10kts, and of course was pushing us towards our neighbor's boat. A mega-yacht was also docked in the guest moorage right in front of us. So Frank got us underway the best way he knows how--aggressively! Between the current and the wind he had to gun the engine a bit to get us clear of everyone else. As we headed out into Possession Sound the wind crept up and it was pretty choppy and honestly things weren't looking good below decks! Then one of the kayaks slid loose. I was thankful for something to force me topside as I'm sure I was looking pretty green! We got that tied off, then I debated how I could cook for the kids. After hitting some 30kt gusts and 30 degrees of heel at one point, we decided to motor so that I could cook and get the kids ready for bed. Whew! It was kind of exhausting.

We're now happily anchored in Elgar Bay under a calm wind and clear sky, hoping to make it up to Hope Island by early afternoon tomorrow. Frank is fishing, I'm blogging...we're happy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It also really sucks when... open your son's door in the morning and smell something not totally unlike the previous night's dinner, but not really good either. Then you uncover him to find he's been sleeping in vomit for God only knows how long. And of course his diaper is a mess, too. And of course he's cranky and wants to remain buried in that filthy bed while you have to chase him down, then attempt to make him smell somewhat human before you ship him off to daycare.

Days like this a washer/dryer would be nice.

Monday, June 8, 2009

It really sucks when... get all the way to the showers at the marina office and realize that you don't have your towel. With any luck, you'll be wearing a rather absorbant long-sleeve t-shirt that will work in a pinch. Grrr....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

First night away

Yesterday we headed to the cabin to get it "guest ready" and work on the electrical. After getting a late start and seeing just how much the forest has grown over our house, we made the spontaneous decision to spend the night out there instead of coming back to the boat. Of course we didn't have any spare clothes (except for some stuff Katreina had grown out of that was awaiting donation), but we had diapers and a DVD player! After a few hours of work we hit Gold Bar for dinner and some provisions to get us through snack times. Katreina scored an old pair of PJs to sleep in but Trent got the bum deal and had to sleep in a Princess t-shirt! No photos! Getting the kids to sleep was a little tough, but once we did it was sooooo cute! They were snuggled up on the pull-out couch together and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture.

Today started off at Der Baring General Store for a hearty breakfast (that's all you'll find out in those parts!) and lots of coffee. Frank got back to work on the yard while I took the munchkins to the park in Index to continue adding to the layer of filth covering them.

They had a great time there, then we headed back so they could watch a movie and I could clean the inside of the cabin. All in all, a great morning. We hit Espresso Chalet on the way out of town and even Katreina got a little latte (without espresso!) that came complete with a gummy worm. She was in heaven until we heard "MY LATTE!!!" She had spilled a little milk, but yelled that out. Man it was a hoot!

Movie time

"MY LATTE!!!!"

Seriously very little wind today, so we're just going to relax around here. The kids looked wiped anyway and Frank is STILL not feeling 100%.