Monday, October 12, 2009

A dead salmon? Seriously?

Ugh. I had surgery last Thursday for a double hernia repair and am now confined to the boat! I love this boat, but when you're not allowed to do squat it can get old very fast. Thankfully my sis Brandi sent me the entire Twilight book series for entertainment. Sadly, I'm almost done with them all!

But, convalescence has not been without excitement. As I sat here reading this afternoon while Frank and Katreina were out geocaching I saw "W" (it's Wade or Wayne or something) walking on the finger pier alongside our boat. It caught my attention as typically boaters only go down finger piers adjacent to their own boat and his boat is not next to ours. So I peeked out my bedroom window to find a salmon carcass at the very end of our finger pier, inches from our coiled bow line. WTF?!?!

I pulled myself up and shuffled (in my pjs and slippers, no less!) over to where he and a buddy were spraying down their boat. I asked if he put the fish on the pier and he proceeded to, as usual, treat me like a complete moron and tell me that birds eat them. When I asked why he couldn't simply put it on one of the several piers right near where he was he claimed that our finger pier was were he has always put that stuff so the seagulls wouldn't mess with his catch. Whatever, lame. I asked him to go remove it and he told me I could! Sure! NOT! I again asked him to go remove the carcass from next to our boat. His response was that the birds probably already got it.

Seeing I was getting nowhere with this infantile ass I headed back to the boat. My surprise was that his buddy walked down, too, and kicked the fish off our pier. I thanked him. I don't know why he hangs out with such an idiot.

I called Frank and let him know, then called the marina and talked to the director. Thankfully she didn't feel that was appropriate either, but I have to wait for him to do something again before they'll contact him again. Again, you ask? Because he's the same idiot that kept putting his boat in our slip when we were away and he already has gotten one letter from the marina thanks to us. Wonder if that letter and the fish are related???

The salmon stain. Seriously?!?!


  1. I'm just glad you were there and not me, you handled it much more maturely than I would have.

  2. To quote Hermione Granger from "Harry Potter"...

    "What an idiot". (make sure each word is stressed and said in a more clipped voice...)