Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Date night!

Tonight was a special night in the Powers home--date night! Katreina and Dad had plans to go out to a REAL restaurant while I entertained Trent and had a mini-date of my own. Katreina was very excited to get dressed up in her Princess Aurora dress, get her hair done, put a little "sparkle" on her face, and carry her purse--it was adorable! She and Daddy went to Lombari's, an Italian restaurant right in the marina. Meanwhile, Trent and I had Thai take-out, watched "Cars," and took at little walk to the nearby marina store. When the couple returned, my little Princess excitedly told me about getting to eat pizza and ice cream and lemonade (Dad was pretty jazzed about his meal and wine, too!). Then Frank let me in on the quote of night...while Katreina was enjoying her vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup topping, she said, "mmm, yum...It looks like bird poop." then continued to eat away. Kids say the darndest things!

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