Friday, June 12, 2009

A weekend away

Frank & I got out of class/work early today so we were pretty set on getting underway and heading north to Hope Island State Park. The tides and wicked current at our dock, however, had other plans. We were off by lunch, but wouldn't be able to leave until after 3. We decided to make the best of the time, taking in a lunch date at Kate's and then (I can't believe I'm about to admit this) a nap! We got the kids around 3, spent a little time at the fiesta at Katreina's school, then made preps to get underway.

The wind had picked up, I'm guessing to about 10kts, and of course was pushing us towards our neighbor's boat. A mega-yacht was also docked in the guest moorage right in front of us. So Frank got us underway the best way he knows how--aggressively! Between the current and the wind he had to gun the engine a bit to get us clear of everyone else. As we headed out into Possession Sound the wind crept up and it was pretty choppy and honestly things weren't looking good below decks! Then one of the kayaks slid loose. I was thankful for something to force me topside as I'm sure I was looking pretty green! We got that tied off, then I debated how I could cook for the kids. After hitting some 30kt gusts and 30 degrees of heel at one point, we decided to motor so that I could cook and get the kids ready for bed. Whew! It was kind of exhausting.

We're now happily anchored in Elgar Bay under a calm wind and clear sky, hoping to make it up to Hope Island by early afternoon tomorrow. Frank is fishing, I'm blogging...we're happy!

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