Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boat Life, Part 1: The kids

When we hatched this crazy idea to live on a boat the thing that got most people was that we were going to do it with kids. Trent had just turned 1 and Katreina was coming up on 3. Sure, we were worried about their safety just like most people, but for me it was most of the same concerns I had with the kids on land--falling down steps, bumping heads on furniture (now that home would rock), falling out of bed. For the water, we have lifevests and strict rules. My other big concern was their happiness. Would they like the boat and their rooms? Would we be able to keep them entertained if we were underway? I'll admit that the entertainment continues to be an issue with a little boy who wants to run around, but it's working for the most part. For the rooms we had to start with the right boat--check! Each has a room and space they can call their own, which I felt was important in such a small home. But how do we really make their rooms theirs? Why decorate, of course! Here is where the kids' Aunt Brandi comes in and saves the day with cool peel-off wall stickers to get us started, then we finished with a big shopping trip to Target. The result?

A Princess suite...

And a race car garage!


  1. That looks great! Spacify offers wide range of Kid Desk .

  2. I think it's great! It's too bad your little one likely won't remember it. How long are you doing this for?

  3. Well we initially plan to live here for the next 2 years while I'm stationed in Everett, WA. If all goes well, we'll figure out how to sail/ship the house to the next assignment and keep it going! It's too early to tell! (and we haven't lived here through a PacNorWest winter yet!)