Monday, January 26, 2009

Support from Friends and Family

With so much happening so fast it is nice to know people are there for you when you need them. Jesse is going to fly out to Seattle and help me take possession of Typhoon and sail her back to Everett. I wouldn't want to take the kids on the boat's maiden voyage in the middle of winter, and I really didn't want to sail solo the first time, either. I really had to twist his arm to go. :) I think the conversation went like this: Me- "Yeah so I'm not sure if your available or not, but if you're interes..." Jesse- "Hell yeah, I'll sail down with ya!" We should have a good time.

Jody's parents also helped us out. Part of our financing is coming from a CD that is maturing the day before we close. I called USAA, and they said that it may take a "day or two" to deposit into our checking account. In order to give us some breathing room, they're giving us a super-short-term loan (around one week) just so we can sleep at night knowing we'll have sufficient funds even if the CD isn't deposited immediately.

And trust me, we can use the help. USAA is great, but it has become obvious to me that they don't do boat loans much, and certainly not for what we are asking! Sometimes I feel like I'm telling the representatives what to do next! At least we got the whole Canadian tax issue worked by biting the bullet and going through a customs broker. It is adding about $750 to the deal, but it is money well spent if we can be assured of not paying CAN taxes and clearing customs easily!

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  1. Yes, let it be known--we have amazing friends and family! From all the support we got just throughout the fact-finding/decision-making part of this adventure to the more tangible financial and physical support, we are surrounded by amazing peopele. I really can't thank my wonderful family enough for; (1) not trying to talk us out of this and accepting our slightly different views of a normal life, and (2) mom & dad for offering to give us the float loan. Jesse--shoot, he was there for us at our wedding, picked out the Cal 20 for us, and so generously volunteered his time for this sail. We love them all!