Thursday, January 15, 2009

Counter this, counter that

This morning we watched birds and took in the scenery at one of our favorite little waterfront parks in Everett. Frank called about the slip sublease and it was still available. So far so good, but no word on the offer yet. They had until tonight to respond with a counter. We headed to the Children’s Museum to let the kids burn off a serious amount of energy. They’d logged lots of hours in the car this trip and deserved a little fun. It's a pretty cool little place! While we were there, Frank got the call about our offer. Apparently they really didn’t like how low we went and countered with darn near the asking price. We countered with what decided our new “max” budget was…a little under the asking price, but within 10% of it. We thought that was fair. And now, to wait again…

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