Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 Weeks???

After we returned to Louisiana Sunday evening, Jody and I began to realize how much we had to make happen in order for us to be able to close on time. Let's see...I'll work through Wednesday, and leave for Seattle Thursday around noon. Rick scheduled a mechanic to perform the Engine/Mechanical Survey on Wednesday. Then it'll be Survey, Haul-out, and Sea trial on Friday, with Saturday as a back-up day in case of very bad weather. Sunday I'll fly back and work a few days....then fly out to close on....hell I don't know if we'll get through the survey! First things first, right?? Our loan offer is contingent on the survey results, so there's nothing more I can do on that front right now, either. Rick is working with the listing agent to figure out how to handle the physical transfer of the boat. A big concern (for myself and Rick, anyway) is that I may get stuck with a Canadian VAT or GST (or some other SOB tax) if the purchase and transfer is not handled properly. As it stands right now, the listing agent will meet us at the border, and we'll transfer ownership at that time. But no one seems to know if we'll close at the border or as planned in North Vancouver, or if a transfer at the border is even necessary. Do I even have enough leave to make this happen?? No point in worrying about that right now, though, as everything is on hold until we get those survey results!!!

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  1. These are all the nitty-gritty details of the closing that I thankfully was completely oblivious to!!